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The Parenting Tool Belt

The Parenting Tool Belt

Learn new leadership skills and communication tools that will get results with your kids.

The Parenting Tool Belt includes 5 of our most demanded courses that hundreds of parents love….

“I wish I had done this sooner. I could have avoided some of these parenting pitfalls. This stuff just makes good sense.” ~ Candace, Mother of 3

“This course is worth 100x its cost. I can’t believe how powerful it was. I am an entirely new dad.” ~ Neville, Father of 4

“Without question the best investment I’ve made in my own development. I just assumed I was doing it all right. Now I know how to be better and I have tactics I can use every day.” ~ Celine, Mother of 3


In this online parenting course you'll receive:

1. Brain 101

The field of neuroscience is re-shaping everything we know about learning. Learn two simple steps for better brain development.

2. How Your Child Learns

Everyone has a unique style of learning. Learn how to spot the styles and you can be at supporting learning. This module includes an assessment tool for you and your kid. Learning can be easier if we work with our natural strengths.

3. Coaching Your Child

Learn a powerful method for coaching your kid to better outcomes. You'll learn how to navigate tough conversations, give feedback and move forward even after mistakes.

4. Goal Setting & Motivation

Kids who set goals have been proven to achieve more. Learn how to guide your kids through a powerful method so that they not only have goals, but also a very clear plan to making them a reality.

5. The Communication Power Tools

This is a professional grade suite of communication tools that will allow you to fine-tune your ability to communicate with confidence. Shape better behavior, give clearer instructions and speak from a place of power and empathy.

As a whole, this course will give you a refreshed set of tactics and tools that can reshape your relationships, increase motivation and make learning easier. All good things. Start the Parenting Tool Belt today to boost your parenting abilities.

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We feel confident that you will notice a difference in your relationship with your kids when you use these tools. 

That’s why we are offering a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee when you purchase the course!