Seeds Training is a California for-benefit corporation. More than 30% of our annual revenue is matched with charitable service by our team or donated to educational causes. We began in 1993 with a wildly ambitious goal to change the world of education. We have succeeded in building models and methods that prove education can work differently. We value our students, from kids to corporate executives and show it by constantly upgrading our programs to help them meet the performance demands of the real world. Our curriculum is engineered with a blend of proven, diverse learning methods and our programs are delivered by world-class educators who are equally purposeful both on and off the stage. Our results range from changing the way people feel on the inside, to driving measurable results that can be meticulously measured by external evaluation. Our clients are top-tier organizations, cultural leaders and forward-thinking educators who value change and are willing to try new approaches to make progress. We strive to form meaningful relationships, deliver tremendous value and help people be better through learning.

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