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The SEL Professional Development Series

NEW! Looking for virtual PD options?

We've built a great solution with a few big advantages. We offer weekly 60-90 minute sessions that work with your busy schedule. The sessions are full of SEL content that is designed to get results. We mix professional development for you and take-away curriculum that you can use with your team, students and parent community. We offer interactive networking opportunities so you can share with other pro educators.


The Parenting Toolbelt

Kids don't come with a manual. Our 25 plus years of experience in working with youth has been distilled down into a profound series of training modules for parents. We help parents create healthy relationships and get better results.

*COVID19 NOTE: These modules are great for parents, at home with their kids, because they give you activities that you can do together.


Mentor Guide V1

40+ instructional videos that walk Mentors through our methods, coaching models, relationship-building activities and goal setting frames. It’s an effective mix of professional development for your educators and social and emotional skill (SEL) development for your students.


NEW! How to VizMap

Want to improve your grades FAST? We've got a powerful tool called VizMapping and it's a game changer. Check out these amazing academic benefits:

1. It's brain-friendly

2. It will boost your memory

3. It will reduce your study time

4. It will help you be more organized and prepared

5.It will boost your academic confidence

87% of our students report that this tool has improved their academic performance 
81% say it reduced their stress when preparing for tests.

The College Readiness Series

This series was developed in collaboration with the Region One Educational Service Center in Texas. They are one of the premier providers of college access programs and college-going resources. This series of quick-hitting videos is full of practical strategies for getting the most out of your college experience.

**Use the code GEARUPCOLLEGE at check-out and it's FREE.


Coming Soon

More courses are on the way. Here's a preview of a few.

The PBL Lab

What is PBL?

Project based learning engages students in learning through immersion. They work on projects designed to involve academic, social and emotional skill development while achieving an outcome that directly connects to a real-world challenge. 

We'll show you how to design great PBL.

Game Dynamics 101

Game based learning is all the rage right now. Online games have proven what works in getting young people to participate, stay involved and even perform challenging tasks. We will take critical design elements of some of the world’s top games and show you how to use them in the classroom.

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Seeds Training designs and delivers educational programs that build life, leadership, and learning skills in students, teachers, and professionals around the world.

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