LIVE Virtual Events

SEL and Leadership Training at a critical time.

This summer is going to be different. Make the most of these challenging times by persisting with your efforts to impact the youth, families and educators that you serve. We can help.

Our Hot Tips for a Great Virtual Event

We've been doing a lot of events lately and here's what's working for us:

Frequency wins

Multiple, shorter engagements are better than a singular long event. Data shows that engagement in virtual events drops drastically after 3 hours. 

Ditch the academics

Students are reporting that they are feeling over-worked on academics. Create other topics to cover that have a connection to the world they are dealing with right now. 

Mix it up

Blend in multimedia content. Use pre-recorded videos, screen grabs and quick bits from TikTok or Instagram. Using music as a host will also add energy. You can even take requests in the chat.

We've put a FREE multimedia resource below.

Lights, Cameras and Action

Make sure your face is well lit. Request that everyone has their cameras on so rapport is more natural , more human. Remember to engage the body with activities and breaks. Give them something to DO.

Our Most Popular Video

Here's a video we made to help people refine their communication skills. Feel free to use it. It's great to mix in to Zoom calls.

Let's create a great event together.

  • SEL and leadership skills for your students
  • Mentoring content for your outreach staff
  • Relationship and academic support skills for your parents
  • Advanced curriculum design and classroom tactics for your teachers

Tell us your goals and we'll create a program to make sure you're successful.



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